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Hitesh U.
We feel incredibly fortunate to have stumbled upon Happy Home Daycare, where Sheila's nurturing care has become an extension of our family. Having entrusted our child to Sheila's care for over a year now, we can confidently say that it has been a decision we've never regretted. From the moment we walked through the door, we knew we had found something special. Sheila's dedication to providing a warm and loving environment for the children is truly remarkable. One of the things that sets Happy Home Daycare apart is Sheila's commitment to serving wholesome, home-cooked meals. It's a relief knowing that our child is not only well cared for but also enjoying nutritious food throughout the day. We never have to worry about what our little one is eating because we know it's prepared with love and care. Beyond the practicalities, Sheila's genuine affection for the children shines through in everything she does. Our child has thrived under her guidance, learning and growing in a safe and supportive setting. Sheila fosters a sense of community among the children, teaching them kindness, empathy, and respect for one another. Leaving our child in someone else's care was initially daunting, but Sheila quickly put our minds at ease. She communicates openly and regularly, keeping us informed about our child's day and any important updates. It's evident that she values collaboration and partnership with parents, creating a seamless experience for everyone involved. In short, Happy Home Daycare has been a blessing for our family. Sheila's dedication, warmth, and expertise make it a place where our child feels loved, nurtured, and right at home. We couldn't be happier with our experience, and we wholeheartedly recommend Happy Home Daycare to any parent seeking a safe, loving, and enriching environment for their child.

Hitesh U.

Si Chen (Jennifer Chen)
This is a long past due review I should have done earlier. My daughter has been with Sheila for almost two years since she was 7 months old. It was a hard decision for us to send her out at that young age but I’m so glad we found Sheila’s place. When I visited for my tour, I was impressed with how clean her house was, and how many outdoor play structures she has in the back yard for the kids. After my daughter started, she was able to adjust quickly because Sheila and her helpers are very caring, kind and patient. My daughter always has fun at the day care and sometime doesn’t want to go home at the end of the day. It feels such a relief to send my child to a place that is safe and entertaining for them and to people who you know you can trust will take good care of your child like their own. I highly recommend Our Happy Home Daycare to you, if you are just like me, and want to find a clean, safe, and fun place for your children.

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Si Chen (Jennifer Chen)

Amit Singh
Our Happy Home has been such a wonderful daycare for our son. He has been going there almost two years and has loved every day with Sheila! All the kids are well loved and Sheila is an active care taker and takes pride in providing her children with a nurturing and fun environment. It's been a relief and a comfort to know our son is looked after so well by her each day.

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Amit Singh

Sanaz Tehrani
Sheila is wonderful. My daughter loved her daycare and her. She was able to flourish in her Farsi as well given she was fluent—speaking at home and with Sheila and her wonderful aides. There is lots of fun, music, warmth, silliness, care, cleanliness, dance, and love and patience for all children in her home. Not to mention home cooked meals! She has the utmost standards and regard for her children and work. We will miss her dearly as my daughter gets ready to head to preschool. OurHappyHome On Google reviews

Sanaz Tehrani

Santosh Behera
My daughter has been going there and she loves it! I remember when she first started and we were nervous. After a few days of going there, my daughter started saying she wants to go there even on weekends! Thats how much she loves Sheila! For me the biggest factor has been the peace of mind and joy I feel knowing that my kid is spending her day with Sheila where she will be well taken care, and if there is any concern- big or small, Sheila is always quick to inform us parents. She always has the kids' best interests at heart and goes above and beyond to help the kids stay safe and happy.

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Santosh Behera

atos mina:
It does not seem like much from the outside, but I genuinely recommend this daycare. When you put your kid to a daycare, you always wonder whether the kid is happy enough. Well, on numerous occasions our kid did not want to leave Sheila's daycare when we came for him at the end of the day. He would greet us and then go back in to play. There is no better reassurance that Sheila is doing something special with them in there. Other than that, we highly value home cooked food which is something provided to the kids daily. When we started going to this daycare, our kid, generally a good eater, would sometimes not eat much for dinners. Soon did I learn that he would stuff himself with Sheila's lunches and be soo full that he would not have any room for dinner. Slowly, I guess he learnt that he is getting yummy lunches regularly, so we are back to eating dinners normally :)))) I would recommend this place in a heartbeat to anyone who is looking for a loving, flexible and cozy in-home daycare.

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atos mina

amrita lakshmi:
Miss Sheila's daycare was a godsent during the pandemic and when we were new to the Bay Area. We could have not asked for a better caring daycare for our daughter. Though my daughter was here only for 5 months - she instantly became so attached to Miss Sheila and her friends. Definitely worth mentioning Miss Sheila's home cooked meals which are amazing - that my kid asks to cook the same food after getting home. We will miss Sheila as me move to preschool, but highly recommend for anyone looking for an amazing daycare - I have not seen any daycare that is as clean as Miss Sheila's. Wishing Our Happy home daycare the best.

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amrita lakshmi

Ashley C.:
This review is WAY overdue!!!!! Sheila and her team deserve all the credit in the world! Sheila's daycare is by far, the best daycare that we have experienced. We sent our youngest son there from when he was five months old to just after he turned two. Our son was born 8 weeks early and was tiny when we first started him there. It was heartbreaking to have to send him to daycare when he was so little, but Sheila loved him from the moment she met him and eased all our worries. The only reason we moved him was because our older son was going to a pre-school and we wanted to consolidate our drop offs. We had a horrible experience with our older son's daycare, and I wish we would have known about Sheila's. She is an absolute angel and loves these children as if they were her own. She is always doing things on the weekends to improve the daycare whether it is reorganizing the backyard or adding new toys/play structures. Every Christmas they would throw a little celebration and her husband would dress up as Santa. It was so special and meant more to us then anyone would have every known. I am happy to be a reference for Sheila's daycare. She is honestly an angel and holds a special place in our hearts. Our family misses her dearly and thinks about her often as she cares for the children at the daycare more than you will ever know. If our family is blessed with a third, we will hands down send them there. We love you Sheila!


Guan W.:
If you are lucky enough to linger your finger or mouse at Our Happy Home Daycare and see this review, this truly is the place you are looking for. My son started at Our Happy Home Daycare in 2018 and spent two happy years in this second home. After touring ~10 daycares, the first time I visited Our Happy Home Daycare I knew this was what I wanted for my son, a clean, organized and planned out environment and happy kids freely running around. And I was right and happy about my decision. Back then when I picked up my son, I occasionally saw preschoolers appear there on some days and Shiela explained to me they used to be her babies(our happy home daycare graduates). Later I understood why, because parents trust Shiela so much that they still drop kids there when they need childcare even though kids have already graduated! And now I do the same and still drop my son there on some days when we are too busy WFH during this pandemic and he is happy and healthy so far. I really appreciate that Shiela and her assistant Monire genuinely love kids and want to give them best care. BTW, Shiela cooks food well because my son says "yummy" (he holds a high standard about food) and Shiela's husband is also a very nice and loving man who can get into the hearts of kids ( my son says he is his favorite teacher even though he is rarely around). Best wishes for Our Happy Home Daycare. I am grateful for it.

Guan W.

Guillemette B:
My son went to Our Happy Home Daycare for 2 years - he started when he was 9months old and left at 3.5 years old. Sheila has taken care of him like he was family, and has helped him grow in a very loving environment. He was always happy to see Sheila in the morning. Lunch was always great (freshly cooked meals everyday - it always smelled super good in the morning when I would bring my son to her!) Her house is sparkling clean and she has lots of toys for all the children to play with, inside her house and in her backyard, in a shaded area. She has a lot of experience with children and lots of ideas to keep them entertained throughout the day. The place is very safe for children. Sheila is very calm and patient and you can tell that she loves children - something I did not see in the other daycares I visited. She is always happy. I am very happy I found Sheila and her daycare!

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Guillemette B

Anu Chaudhary:
I have 2 boys and my younger one (now 5 years old) went to Sheila for 2 years. Sheila is THE MOST LOVING caretaker I have ever known! Calm and composed, soft spoken, genuine, pleasant and very motherly towards the kids. When I was looking for a daycare for my son, I visited her place twice for a tour (one alone and other with my husband). Both times, I noticed that whenever a kid would come to her wanting to be hugged or held in arms, she would do that right away, while continuing to answer my questions. It was so much like how we moms attend to our own kids amidst a conversation. And I saw this happen many-a-times over the two years. It always touched my heart seeing her love the kids like her own! The place is kept neat and tidy. Food served is nutritious and yummy. My son had started eating better with her. Also, he had started to sing a lot and dance a lot. It felt like it is all about love and hugs and songs and fun at Sheila's. Her aides were also as soft spoken and dedicated as her. Sheila is very natural at loving kids and I thoroughly trusted her. I always used to get a very cheerful homely feeling every day when I went there to drop/pick my son. I have such fond memories of her, especially evening pickups - she sitting on the floor and one kid in her lap, another hanging to her arms, another holding her legs and she just smiling and singing to them :) One could tell the kids have had a happy day! I whole-heartedly recommend her daycare!

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Anu Chaudhary

Golnoosh Shaibani:
Our Happy Home Daycare is the best daycare ever. Sheila is vey loving and caring. Not to mention the fact she is a great cook. My 20 month old goes to Sheila full time and as soon as she sees Sheila runs to her. My 5.5 year old goes 2 days a week since kindergarten is closed. She is a picky eater and she absolutely loves Sheila’s food. Sheila also helps her with school on zoom. In the evenings when we want to pick her up she does not want to go home!!! My husband and I could not be happier.

OurHappyHome On Google reviews

Golnoosh Shaibani

Ghislene G.:
Sheila is such a kind and caring woman and I am so grateful that I was able to find her for to watch my son. He came from a nearby daycare that was terrible and he was a little hesitant to go anywhere but she made him feel so good and he was always so happy there. The house was always clean with lots of developmental toys and activities planned out. Often I would smell the delicious food Sheila was cooking for the day and be thankful for my son. I HIGHLY recommend our happy home daycare as it truly is!!
Thank you Sheila for EVERYTHING!!

Ghislene G.

Haleh B.:
We have our 2 year old daughter recently started going to daycare here and we are loving it. Sheila is such a caring women and the helper is also super nice. We were super lucky to find this daycare and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to start attending here.

Haleh B.

Amanda A:
We feel so lucky to have found Sheila! She's an extraordinary caregiver who obviously cares deeply about all the kids in her care. Our daughter started going to Our Happy Home when she was 6 months old and was there until she was 18 months old (only not there now because of the pandemic due to job flexibility, we are able to keep her home with us). She thrived there! She learned so much, from colors to letters to songs. Sheila even got her to be excited about cleaning up her toys. And most importantly, our daughter was nurtured and loved there. When I dropped her off in the morning, she'd smile happily and reach her arms out to Sheila, wanting to be picked up. And no matter what time of the day I popped in to get here, she was happy and fulfilled: Running around with the other kids, singing songs, reading her books... As she got older, it got harder and harder to get her to leave because she loved being there so much. It was amazing. Sheila is a true blessing. I don't hesitate to recommend her to anyone who needs a caring, loving daycare provider.

Amanda A

Sudhir N.:
Sheila and her helpers are very warm and caring. I must have toured a dozen homes before deciding to enroll my son there. Her place is the cleanest of all. My son has fond memories of the time spent at Sheila's daycare. From the yummy food she used to serve to the play structures in her beautiful backyard. When it was time to send my second baby to the daycare, it was a no brainer for me to pick Sheila daycare.

Sudhir N.

Lashae' Theresa G.:
I started bringing my daughter to Sheila when she was a little over 1 years old and she is now 2 years old. I was nervous sending my daughter to daycare but from the first couple days to weeks i knew i made the right choice. Sheila is wonderful with the kids and my daughter loves her. She is very hands on with each and everyone, kind, gentle, and very professional. She provides meals and snacks during the day. My daughter has learned so much at such a young age and Sheila has definitely helped with that. I would definitely recommend Our Happy Home Daycare!

Lashae' Theresa G.

Melanie E.:
I am happy to recommend Our Happy Home Daycare! Sheila has been caring for our children for many years now; first providing care for my 6YO daughter and now for my 2YO son. Although my daughter is now in kindergarten and no longer goes to Sheila's on a regular basis, she looks forward to days off from school when she gets to go to Sheila's! Our son loves Sheila and really enjoys his time at Our Happy Home Daycare. Sheila is a very kind, gentle person, providing a safe, clean environment for our children. She provides them with healthy snacks and meals using fresh foods. She is also doing a wonderful, hands-on job of helping our children to develop, encouraging them to sing, teaching them new words, reading to them, doing arts and crafts with them, establishing and following a regular routine for meals and naps, even potty training! Our Happy Home Daycare is set up to be a safe, inviting place for the children. There is a playroom with many different toys (including a play kitchen, a train table, dolls, and other toys (all clean, fairly new and in good working order), a nap room, a dining room, and even the backyard has a large, fenced-off play area. One of my favorite things about Sheila is that while she plays music for the children, she has not once turned on the television or videos for them. We are very pleased with the service Sheila has provided!

Melanie E.

Shabnam K:
I am so glad to have found the perfect place to send my kid. This our happy home Day Care is by far the best Day Care I've come across. Sheila takes care of the children as if they were her own. She is very passionate about making sure each child gets her utmost attention and is treated like her own. she does her best to make sure all the Children's needs are met. She not only makes sure the children are fed nutritious food, but takes time to teach them essential skills to help them grow. I would definitely recommend this Day Care to all my friends and when you leave your Child with her you would have nothing to worry about till you pick them up.

Shabnam K

I totally agree with all positive reviews on how Sheila has created a homey feeling for our daughter and plan to take our youngest daughter there too. It's was very important to us to find a place where every morning our kid look forward to go to. We are very happy that she found that in The our happy home Day Care. We plan to take our youngest one there too.


Andrew C:
We were very lucky to find Sheila for our first boy. She's been watching him since he was 8 weeks and he's now 3 years old. Now, she is watching both our boys, including our 10 month old. She's very nurturing and motherly - perfect for little ones. She does a great job of caring for our little guys, providing snacks and meals, making sure they get their scheduled nap times in, having lots of different kinds of toys and activities on hand, and communicating with us daily, both in person and via daily reports. She really loves the kids, and they love her back. Our boys are lucky to have Sheila care for them! She's also been flexibility with hours, when we one of us have to go out of town and need to drop off earlier or later.

Andrew C

Solmaz.B :
My daughter went to this place from the time she was 14 months old until past 3 years old when we moved her to a preschool because she needed more interaction with older children. The care giver, Sheila, is a genuinely loving, caring, kind lady with a big heart that has a natural talent, touch and patience to work with kids. As difficult as it was to depart with my child because we had to work, Sheila gave us peace of mind that our little girl was not going hungry, going unattended or sitting in a dirty diaper for a long time. She provided healthy, homemade and at times organic meals and snacks that includes fresh fruit, vegetables, grains and protein. Something that I took for granted until I had to start packing my daughter's lunch bags when she started preschool. Sheila even helped us through potty training, praising and having accidents. She provided a great balance between indoor and outdoor play time and nap or quiet time. Another thing that I must mention is that she is VERY CLEAN which was another important factor for me to choose the right daycare. Kids crawl on the ground and put everything in their mouths so it was a must for me to find a " shoe free" and clean place. I'm a fire department inspector and having had done many inspections of child and elder care places I knew this was the place I wanted my child to be at when I saw it.


Tanaz.G :
This is a wonderful daycare.She has a lot of exprience,care,and passion for what our children do. She is like a mother and all their energy is spent on children. She has a lot of activity and our children has a lot of things to do and learn, so it's very important and good for us. She is so paitiont and take care of children during the lunch. We are very satisfide and it's the best daycare that I have seen.


Sheila is amazing with kids. My twin boys love to visit her place. They have been going to her day care for almost 2 years now. Her place is spotless and well maintained. Children love the collection of toys both indoors and outdoors. She always greets my kids with a cheerful smile and my kids love her. She is very patient and is a trusted care giver. She has helped us out on weekends and extra hours on weekdays over the past years. Thanks so much to her for being so flexible and being there when we need her the most.


I am so thankful to Sheila for taking care of my daughter since she was a baby. Our Happy Home Daycare is a wonderful, safe and loving daycare. Due to us moving, my daughter no longer stays there but she still absolutely adores Sheila and talks about her constantly. Sheila is such a loving, caring and patient person. She takes pride in providing the utmost care for your kids and treats them as if they were her own. I highly recommend Our Happy Home Daycare for your little ones


My 11 month old son has been going to Our Happy Home Daycare for 3 months. He is always happy to see Sheila in the morning. She keeps him well fed (freshly cooked meals everyday - it always smells super good in the morning when I bring my son to her!) and clean and she has lots of toys for all the children to play with, inside her house and in her backyard, in a shaded area. The place is clean and safe for children. Sheila is very calm and patient and you can tell that she loves children - something I did not see in the other daycares I visited. She is always happy. There are no screens in her house, which for me played an important part in my choice. Every night I get a report of what happened during the day. I am very happy I found Sheila and her daycare!


Rachelle H:
My 2-year old son recently started attending daycare here and he loves it. He can't wait to see Sheila and his friends. She is a loving person and very good with children. The kids all seem so happy.

Rachelle H

Shima N:
Sheila is the best . I really recommend her to my family and friends. Because her daycare is so clean . And she treat with the kids the same as her own kid ....thanks Sheila.

Shima N

AnuC. :
I have 2 boys and my younger one (2 year old) has been going to Sheila for 3 months now. She is one of the most loving caretakers I have seen. Calm and composed, soft spoken, genuine, pleasant and very motherly towards the kids. I visited her twice for a tour (one alone and other with my husband) and I noticed that whenever a kid would come to her wanting to be hugged or held in arms, she would do that right away, while continuing to answer my questions. It was like we, as moms, attend to our own kids amidst a conversation. And I have seen this happen many-a-times over these months. It touches me seeing her love our kids like her own! The place is kept neat and tidy. Food served is nutritious and yummy. My son has started eating better. Also, he has been singing a lot lately land tells me that Sheila dances like this :). Her aides are as soft spoken and dedicated as her. Sheila is very natural at loving kids and I thoroughly trust her. I get a very cheerful homely feeling every time I go there to drop/pick my son. I whole-heartedly recommend her daycare!

It will soon be 1 year for my son coming to Sheila, and wanted to reaffirm that the feelings I mentioned in the initial review, I still experience them and more! Its all about love and hugs and songs and fun at Sheila's. Yesterday Monireh (one of Sheila's aides) told me about how my son pretends to cry and when she gives him a hug, he is all fine. He has been doing this with me i.e. 'pretend-cry-then-coming-in-my-lap-to-be-pampered' ever since he was a year&a half old. He seeking that kind of pampering from Monireh only goes to show HOW much he loves being here and how safe and at home he feels! Sheila, Monireh and Bano together are totally a blessing for me. If you want your kid to get lots of cuddles and genuine care, and lots of singing and dancing, this is the place to be!

Anu C.

Nazanin A.:
Our older daughter had attended Happy home Daycare since she was 15 months up to when she left for preschool. This Daycare was her second home and Shila became more of our family! Shila is loving, compassionate, caring and patient person that treat and care for each individual child as her own. Their homemade food is so delicious and they provide the healthy snack. I was so lucky to find Shila and I highly recommend her daycare to families who are looking for the best place for their child!

Nazanin A.

Samantha Lou V.:
Sheila has been wonderful with my 16 month old daughter. She transitioned to this daycare so flawlessly and has been happy, well fed, and excited to go in every day we show up! Sheila is an incredibly kind person that makes me so comfortable and content leaving my daughter with her everyday. I would highly recommend this daycare.

Samantha Lou V.

Sundar H.:
We have our 5 year old son under Sheila's care since he was 3 years old. Sheila is a very happy and caring person. My son had some speech delay because of which he was attending the IEP program in Forest Hill school, which is opposite Sheila's day care. Sheila was very kind to pick him up from school every single day after the school gets over, even though he was the only kid to be picked up. Sheila has never said no to take care of on days when we wanted him to attend full day when the school was off. She has a beautiful family that my son will never forget, and will miss them when he is going to a different school for elementary. They are always happy like the name of day care says "Our Happy Home" Daycare. The day care facility itself has lots of space for kids to enjoy their day. They have lots of toys and a beautiful play-ard at the back of the house that my son loves very much. They do fun activities, celebrate kids birthdays like their own kids' birthday, have educational activities, and a very fun circle time every day. So far I've never seen a sad kid at this place. If you are looking for a day care in the Campbell area, I'll give you a double thumbs up for Sheila's "Our Happy Home Daycare"

Sundar H.

Chrystal G.:
My daughter attended Our Happy Home daycare (or "Rainbow School" as my daughter calls it because of the colorful rainbow on the sign!) from August 2017 to June 2018, and she thrived while under the care of Sheila and her helpers. Even though she was only 2, my daughter learned all of her letters, letter sounds, how to count, and every possible preschool song known to man! Sheila and her family greeted my daughter every morning with a smile, a hug, and a kiss, and it was obvious that she was truly loved there. The house was always very clean, and the backyard play area is wonderful, with swings, a play kitchen, and ride-on toys for the kids. The only issue I ever had was that my daughter did not use the potty at school, although she was completely potty trained at home and in the community. Sheila was open to suggestions from us, such as bringing her own potty chair and treats to school, but ultimately she asked that my daughter wear a diaper at school. This was frustrating for us, but definitely did not impact anything significantly - just something to note. Overall, we had a wonderful home daycare experience, and I highly recommend Sheila and her staff!

Chrystal G.

Me: Thank you Chrystal for your nice review your daughter is super smart and I miss her. You are right, unfortunately I couldn’t make her not wear diapers as she wouldn’t cooperate with me to go to potty and I didn’t want to force her.


Alisa E. :
My sister goes to this daycare , it's wonderful and everyone is caring, she loves every child! All food is homemade by Sheila . There is lots and lots of toys to play with and playground equipment one of the reasons I picked here was because of how clean it is, everyday after the kids leave they clean the house for the next day, also there are many kids of different races so your kid can make friends with many different kinds of people! Wonderful place highly recommended!

Alisa E.

Jennifer G:
Sheila and family are wonderful with my 8 month old son. He really enjoys being there, as much as an infant can express! He is given the attention he needs, and his development is really cared about there. The kids there are always happy and clean, and everyone is having fun. Definitely recommended!
My son went here for over 2 years, beginning when he was just a few months old. He loved it there and Sheila treated him like family. All the children were always well cared for and it really is a happy place. I will always be grateful that my son was able to be in such a warm place and would recommend Our Happy Home to anyone with little ones!

Jennifer G